• Pricing, Prototyping, Producing, Providing

    No matter where we are in the process, we always stay in close contact with clients to understand their needs and achieve goals.

  • We shorten the process of POS
    materials realization in sales networks

    We serve our clients in Europe with a deep understanding of short prototyping time, quick production and low delivery costs.

  • We are versatile. We can create and
    provide the most complex solutions

    We pride ourselves on the highest quality of work, always seeking the perfect balance between complexity of clients' ideas and reasonable cost.

No one will do it for us
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Selected projects in the scope of production, POS contract materials handling and action exposure handling.


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Production of POS materials

High quality POS materials? Quick realization time? Non-standard solutions and materials? Creative solutions, counseling and technical advisory services? The competitors said it is impossible?


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Fristo barrel

We like the effect that is achieved by displaying products on a wooden barrel. Style, tradition and elegance - this time in...


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Uriage Eau Thermale Display

Another product designed and made for our customer Yeti Factory. A house-shaped display for summer cosmetics by Uriage...


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Bear for BB Uriage

This time we present a display for BB Uriage products that we designed and created for our client Yeti Factory. This 170cm...


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APS Company in numbers

  • 20

    professional, regular and fully equipped service teams


    assemblies per year

  • 15

    regional storehouses


    m2 of storehouse space

  • 500

    pallets with packed materials per month


    shipments per week

  • 430 000

    km per year is covered by our assembly teams